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Splendyr shows noticeable results after the first application.

Dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles make you to look much older than your actual age. Unfortunately, they only get worse with time. As you age, the area under your eyes loses elasticity and collagen. It becomes thinner and creates a dark pocket.

Powerful, proven, age-defying ingredients are the the most effective ways to dramatically turn back the hands of time when it comes to your skin. Splendyr combines revolutionary ingredients in a high concentration that visibly and dramatically reverse signs of aging - all without expensive surgical procedures (which would cost thousands of dollars).

Experience the rejuvenating effect it has, banning lines, wrinkles and puffiness from around your eyes.

Your skin can look stunningly beautiful, beginning with the first application!


How can a powerful anti-aging mask be so affordable?

Companies spend a lot of money advertising their products on TV and in popular magazines. Unfortunately, those costs get passed on to you. Many inexpensive anti-aging eye creams work just as well as, if not better than, products that cost 10 times more. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a higher quality product!

Splendyr is proof that anti-aging products can be both affordable and effective.

When you buy Splendyr, you’re not paying for celebrity endorsements or fancy packaging. You’re only paying for what matters most: powerful ingredients that are proven to work.

We’re anti-aging experts, not marketing experts.

We’re in business because Splendyr works. Relying exclusively on word-of-mouth advertising helps us focus on providing the most effective rejuvenation mask, not on how we can make our packaging prettier. We routinely reject marketing/advertising consultants promising us increased sales if we take a more traditional approach. We’d rather keep our customers happy.

You now have the opportunity to buy an affordable anti-aging formula with the best ingredients (you’ll believe us after you read our research below).

Splendyr will provide real, noticeable results faster than you ever thought possible . . . GUARANTEED!


A proven age-defying formula that targets wrinkled, sagging skin

You will be amazed at how much younger you look. The reason for this is that your face is the central focus point of your body, and if it is covered with lines, wrinkles and unevenness, it will immediate create a far older appearance - never mind how well you are groomed.

A lined and wrinkled face makes you look much older, and removing the lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes with Splendyr will result in a far younger looking face!

This easy-to-apply mask will lift away wrinkles, lines and crows feet, and will leave you looking young and lively. Our researchers created a nature-derived, effective formula to give your face an invigorating “lift” effect.

Even though these high quality ingredients are available to other companies, skincare companies don’t want you to know the small amount that they use because quality ingredients are EXPENSIVE. Their goal is to keep costs low so they can pad their pockets. Even the most expensive anti-aging products are only formulated with miniscule concentrations. Most companies don’t care if their product works. As long as they keep advertising, consumers will buy.

Splendyr is different.

Splendyr has been formulated with proven ingredients to reduce signs of aging faster than any other product available!

Below are just a few of the powerful elements of Splendyr Anti-Aging Mask:


Selenium has been shown to help skin retain elasticity, inhibiting the formation of wrinkles. Egg whites immediately begin to tighten skin and close pores. In addition, it helps reduce acne, improve complexion, and remove dead skin cells.


Not only is honey a powerful moisturizer, its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant qualities make it a powerful catalyst for skin renewal and rejuvenation.


Ascorbic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant that reverses damage caused by the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke, as well as the natural aging process. Additionally, it can help stimulate collagen growth which leads to reduced wrinkles and fine lines, and helps clear up uneven skin tone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What ingredients are in Splendyr?
A. Splendyr is a unique combination of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients, including the clinically proven ZZZ. The formula immediately begins working as it penetrates the skin to fight wrinkles, bags, darks circles and puffiness.

Q. How do I use Splendyr?
A. 2-3 times a week, preferably in the evening after washing off your makeup, simply mix a packet of Splendyr in the mixing dish and apply it generously to forehead, face, and neck. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes or so, then rinse off with warm water.

Q. What can I do to enhance the results I get from Splendyr?
A. To see the best results, use Splendyr as directed in addition to a healthy, balanced diet. Your nutrition can have a big impact on the look and feel of your skin. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and prolonged sun exposure for even greater results.

Q. How long will a single box of Splendyr last?
A. We recommend applying Splendyr 2-3 times/week, and each box contains 10 mask packets. Splendyr will last approximately one month.

Q. Are there any safety concerns related to Splendyr?
A. Splendyr has zero reported safety concerns and side effects and is 100% natural. As with most facial products, keep away from eyes and use externally only. Always consult with your physician.

Q. Can Splendyr safely and effectively be used with other moisturizers?
A. We recommend you remove makeup for best results, but Splendyr can safely be used with or without other moisturizers.

Q. Does Splendyr come with a guarantee? (Return & Refunds)
A. Every order of Splendyr is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return your one empty box after using it as directed for 1 month to receive a full refund. Any opened box returned prior to 30 Days of the purchase date will not qualify for the refund. We will not be responsible for any lost packages. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at 1-888-473-5691

Q. How quickly will I get my order?
A. To ensure prompt delivery, we try to ship each order within one business day. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at 1-888-473-5691